Animated GIF

Animated GIF’s are a fun and simple way to engage people on social media posts, articles, blogs and much more. They are effective communication tools that I enjoy coming across when I navigate the internet.

I chose to do my animated GIF on a Maya Angelou quote because she is one of my favorite poets. The quote I used was “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” I think it is important to be content with the life you are living and how you choose to live it. Being your best self is critical to success and happiness. I strive to enjoy the small things in life and have a positive outlook on life’s daily circumstances.

My animated GIF was created by filming a short video and uploading it to Adobe Photoshop. I used every sixth frame to create the GIF and sped up the video. I then exported it as a GIF and set it to loop forever.

I hope you enjoy my animated GIF and that it inspires you to love yourself and love the life you live.

  • Platform: Adobe Photoshop
  • Topic: Maya Angelou Quote