I love to travel and explore new cities to experience the culture each city holds. I especially love trying new foods and restaurants. I am always trying to check a new one off my bucket list. It is no shock then that I chose to do my brochure on New Orleans, Louisiana. I have visited New Orleans a few times, and I love it more each time. There is always a new place to see or a different restaurant to try (Cafe Du Monde will always be my favorite). The French Quarter is my favorite area because there is beautiful architecture around every corner.

My brochure was created on Canva. The photos included are ones I took myself. I chose the simple black and white colors because I feel many of the New Orleans historical areas have a classic feel to them. I wrote the brochure from the viewpoint of the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau. I hope you enjoy learning about New Orleans by viewing my brochure.

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  • Topic: New Orleans, Louisiana
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