Populus is a magazine I created using Adobe InDesign. I named my magazine Populus because it means “people” in Latin. I wanted the title of my magazine to represent a passion of mine. I am passionate about forming relationships with people and learning about their personal stories. Populus is a compilation of five stories I wrote over the course of the fall 2017 semester.

In my Digital Style and Design course, I wrote a total of six stories for publication on Auburn Family. Four of the stories are included in Populus. They are titled: What It Means To Be Part of the Auburn Family, War Eagle: Ever Wonder How It Came To Be, Social and Involved: Auburn Senior Proves Students’ Can Do It All and Get Involved Your Freshman Year. My fifth story was written in my Magazine and Feature Writing course as one of my three feature articles. It is titled Mentoring is Important in Every Community.

Each story in my magazine includes a headline, byline, and pull quote. I decided to use minimal colors in my magazine to match the aesthetic for my website as a whole. The minimalism in Populus lets what really matters shine, which is the stories.

The four stories I wrote for Auburn Family have all been reviewed to have great search engine optimization performance. They were written in Wordpress and reviewed by Yoast SEO. I hope you enjoy Populus and reading through the stories of people and Auburn University.

  • Platform: InDesign
  • Topic: People and Auburn University
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