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This fictional media release was created for the purpose of an assignment by my Digital Style and Design In Public Relations Messages course. The media release was created for the CMA Music Festival 2017 that is presented by the Country Music Association (CMA). The festival takes place for one weekend every summer in Nashville, Tennesee.

I attended CMA Fest for the first time while I was living in Nashville last summer. At my internship with Renegade Radio Nashville, we held our own mini concert series with up-and-coming artists at The Stillery located in Downtown Nashville. I learned so much about event-planning and execution through this event and will cherish the memories forever.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the large concert series in the Nissan Stadium one night and got to see a few of my favorite artists perform such as Cole Swindell, Thomas Rhett and Garth Brooks. CMA Fest is such a well-planned and exciting event, and I hope to be able to attend it for many years in the future.

Photo via www.broadwayworld.com

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