Survey Research

In my Public Relations Research course, we were split into groups and given the task of creating a survey for a specific client on a topic of their choosing. Four group members and myself were assigned to assist the Opelika Chamber of Commerce (OCOC) in creating a survey for feedback on the OCOC’s social media and online and print publications.

My group developed two general research questions that we wanted to have answered through our survey which were: how can the Opelika Chamber of Commerce improve its social media and its publications and between social media and publications, which would you prefer to see more of?

We then compiled 20 questions to put into the survey and used Qualtrics to send it out. We aimed the survey at members of the OCOC to have valid feedback that would be useful for the social media and publications. We distributed our survey through Facebook and had an employee of the OCOC send the survey out over social media platforms as well.

Over the course of 18 days, 44 responses were received. The responses revealed there was a variation of ages and genders, which provided great results. The responses overall concluded that there was room for improvement with the OCOC’s social media platforms and online and print publications.

Inside the research project, you will find an executive summary, literary review, method, results, discussion, recommendations, limitations and future research. Explore the project to learn more about our process and findings from the survey.

  • Platform: Calameo
  • Client: Opelika Chamber of Commerce
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